Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 14, 2013

Homestay: Inactions speak louder than words.

May 3, 2012:

THE Federal Government will pay families up to $300 a week to temporarily house asylum seekers in their homes to help deal with the increasing flood of arrivals…

Under a plan slated to start next month, the Government will seek to access the 5000 homes registered under the privately run Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to host asylum seekers released from detention on bridging visas.

February 12 2013:

THE federal government’s much-heralded “homestay” program for asylum seekers has collapsed, with just four people who have arrived on boats currently staying with Australian families.

Score again for The Circus Of Ineptitude.  But note the name of the organisation involved. The Australian Homestay Network – home page here – is a body entirely apart from the Homestay Network, established 25 years ago. Homestay Network wasted no time last year distancing itself from the AHN and its proposal.

We will not place Asylum seekers with Homestay Network families.

Homestay Network Pty Ltd is not the organisation proposing to place “Asylum Seekers” with our host families. We condemn this action and will not take part in this program.

This program places people with limited background checking including criminal background in your home. Many of our hosts have young children and with the limited background checks on asylum seekers, you will need to ensure that you have recourse and support, from the company and the government, in the event you or your family have issues with an asylum seeker…

‘Recourse and support’. If the extremely limited success of the program is any guide, Homestay Network’s management weren’t alone in their concerns. 5000 homes registered against 600 refugees placed is something other than impressive.

No doubt those who didn’t invite a refugee under their roof still feel really really good about registering.

But maybe they should be compelled to overcome their misgivings. The madwoman’s breakfast that passes for Canberra’s refugee policy needs every scrap of assistance:

It also emerged the department had budgeted for 12,000 boat arrivals this financial year but the influx has already topped 12,800.

Before we just give you a whole damn boxful.

Before we just give you a whole damn boxful.


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