Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 30, 2013

Gillard dons Gravitas Glasses to set the election date.


Something’s lacking there. I can’t quite figure out what it is – I’ll ponder it. (If you think this is just an unsubtle ruse to keep you reading right to the end, you’re absolutely right.)

So anyhow: the date has been set! September 14. And in typical style Jooolya makes a complete fool of herself. As Tim Blair explains:

Gillard’s first comment after calling the election: “I do so not to start the nation’s longest election campaign. Quite the opposite.” So it’s the shortest campaign, according to Gillard logic.

Following Gillard logic a step further, we may not actually visit a polling booth on the day either. We’ll just call a 1300 number after 8pm to ask who we voted for.

Why call the date at such a distance? Election campaigns in Australia are normally four to six weeks long. Malcolm Farnsworth – who picked the timing of the election with exceptional accuracy – sees two possibilities.

One is that this is an act of leadership by Gillard following on from the selection of Nova Peris last week. The other view is that it’s also akin to an act of desperation from a government that really is on the ropes.

Either way, we can expect more misogyny rants and one final attempt to fumble up a budget surplus. Note to Swanny: on your past performances, sport, any surplus you manage to create on the books in autumn will have evaporated long before spring.

If the calling of a seven month election campaign was weird, the new wardrobe accessory was truly absurd. Jooolya must be desperate if she has to resort to Gravitas Glasses©. Gravitas Glasses are the refuge of folks who feel that, gee, the rest of the world just doesn’t take me seriously. I need to make them understand I am a serious person.

Actors and musicians are the prime demographic for Gravitas Glasses. Gives you some idea of who Jooolya hopes to impress.

Was this another one of McTurnip’s genius ploys? On the balance of comments here, the voters will respond with scorn.

I didn’t get called “four eyes” at school for some tw*t of a myspace whore to try and look edgy in a pair of oversized glasses. That would be like wearing a fake hearing aid or leg brace, it’s an insult to anyone who struggles to see things unaided. If you want to play with glasses stick to sunnies.

Sunnies. Yes. Quite so.

Otherwise, go all the way. This is no time for half-measures.

Jooolya glasses and appropriate hat

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