Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 17, 2013

Malcolm's Corner

Social Workers

The other day I was referred to a government social worker whose father had died leaving her a small inheritance. She makes approximately $100,000/year plus benefits, and although this is not a great deal of money by Bay Area standards it was enough to get me thinking about the nature of her work. It was not always like this. The great religions of the world recognized that dedicating one’s life to helping others was not something everyone could do because the world would literally starve to death if nobody was producing. Recognizing this fact, life was made very difficult for anyone wanting to devote themselves exclusively to service, and they were required to give up most of their worldly possessions, abstain from marriage and worldly pleasures and take a vow of poverty with the only hope of reward in the life to come. In this way the almoner proved his or her vocation and…

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