Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 16, 2013

Rottnest Island head – identified.

The bagged but not tagged head found at one of Perth’s premier relaxtion spots has been given an identity. And an unsavoury past.

Stephen Ramon Cookson – whose head was found in a plastic bag on a Rottnest Island beach – is the second man linked to a jailed WA drug trafficker who has been found dead.

Latest news report here.


UPDATE: The coverage on this story has gone from bizarre to downright inept today. Another news story quotes a woman who doesn’t want her name published, but gives her father’s full name a few lines later.


  1. Seems as though your crimers is using the Mexico approach to the competition..

    They say ‘Medical Research’, but then Al Capone used the same excuse..

    As to the “update”..DUH!

    • Ahhh, crap. Just when I thought Perth had become a world leader in SOMEthing…

      • The bloke is as nuts as I am…LMAO. Any word on how long that feeble minded ones,..father lived?

        • Not long enough to set a good example.

          • Needed pops money that badly, did she? Whata’ DITZ..

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