Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 13, 2013

Jooolya, you won’t be as lucky as Barack.

Honestly, I thought the first debate put a lot of daylight between the Mormon and the Kenyan. A very safe degree of daylight. And Obama did lose a significant number of voters. His numbers even fell in California on election day. California, of all places. Hell, they’re the folks who resurrected Jerry Brown.

A Romney defeat was as unimaginable as Italy going Lutheran. And yet Obama was returned. No incumbent had previously won reelection with fewer votes than in his first victory – Barack Obama, first nonwhite Prez, was also the first to break through the glass basement.

Which must have brought joy to the heart of a certain unpopular ranga. Perhaps she even whispered to her pillow If he can do it then so can I.

But Jooolya is in a far deeper hole with Australian voters. We are now well acquainted with her negative qualities, and they are legion. Steeped in incompetence,  radiating arrogance, curdled with vitriol, piggybacking on Obama’s high will have to satisfy Jooolya. She’ll be revered by the Emily’s List brigade as our first female Prime Minister. But Jooolya’s most significant legacy will be to ensure that our next Labor PM is far, far over the horizon. If the citizens of The Great South Land are lucky, we won’t see Jooolya’s successor this side of Halley’s Comet.

Even if I don't believe in You, can't You ffs stop him making fun of me?

Even if I don’t believe in You, can’t You ffs stop him making fun of me?

One can never rule out disasters and satanic intervention. But it seems inevitable that Jooolya and her Circus of Ineptitude will vacate the Treasury benches in 2013.

The woman who gave ‘young and naive’ a bad name took the top spot in 2010. She participated in the removal of Kevin Rudd, she said, to save a government that had lost its way. HA! Labor under Jooolya has been flung around like the silver orb in a pinball machine. They’ve had to admit – albeit indirectly – that John Howard and the Liberals had it right on boat people.

Shall we speak of surplus? Why not – Jooolya and her Treasurer Wayne Swansteen promised a return to surplus this year. Come hell or high water. Said promise made 200 times. And yet… and yet… ah, well, Waynker, you didn’t tell us anything we hadn’t already figured out.

The government’s blunders have been exacerbated by hamfisted attempts to conceal or erase them. Jenny Macklin, Minister for Holiday Season Stumbles, moved thousands of single mothers on to a lower level benefit this week. Macklin claimed she could live on that benefit, which amounts to $35 a day – a blase response which she soon regretted. The transcript of the press conference issued by her office recorded her comment as ‘inaudible.’ The collective raspberry blown by the citizens at this weakarsed tactic was loud and clear.

With so few successes to talk up, the government spent much of 2012 attacking Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Abbott’s Catholicism has been a particular target. The Circus of Ineptitude  have forgotten that the Labor Party was very much a Catholic domain for decades. The ALP was formed to protect the Irish workers from the blood drinking virgin deflowering bosses who were all good upstanding members of the Church of England. Some poetic licence taken there, but it doesn’t speak well of the government and its supporters in the media that they are so pitifully ignorant of their own history.

I began writing this item in the first days of the new year. It’s now the 11th of January and once again Jooolya has left me playing catch up. Visiting the scene of the bushfires in Tasmania, AWPME threw up the Climate Change bogey. The fact that fire management has been deliberately hindered by the Labor/Green government was of course, of COURSE! not an issue.

As we roll into 2013 Jooolya’s Reverse Midas Touch is strong as ever. Today she announced that’s she’s ready for the election, pointing at education and help for families as strong points in Labor’s platform. Really? That ‘laptop for every child’ promise seemed to disappear once the Builder’s Excellent Rortfest kicked in. And I don’t know what Her J-ness has done for families, much, except restrict her affairs with married men to other ALP members.

This story just keeps rolling along, and as the man said, the hurrier I go the behinder I get. I’ll close with a look into Jooolya’s future.


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