Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 7, 2013

In stark and unnerving contrast to the previous post…

Summer in Australia. There’s bound to be a fire somewhere, and this year Tasmania’s copping the worst of it.
The one road into the southeastern part of the state, around Port Arthur, has been cut. Boat owners have been volunteering their services to help evacuate stranded residents and tourists, and ship in food and other essentials. People have been forced into the water at some beaches as the fire came right down to the sand.
Elsewhere, a moment’s neglect created devastation.

A MAN has been accused of starting a 10,000 hectare bushfire in southern Tasmania, as the state’s northwest corner faced its own fire crisis.
Police allege a 31-year-old New Norfolk man left a campfire unattended near Lake Repulse last week, sparking the massive blaze which has burned through 10,600 hectares since Friday.



  1. Hi,
    Yes poor Tassie is getting the worst of the bushfire’s so far this year. There are warnings out for Canberra and NSW for tomorrow, I certainly hope there aren’t any more fires.
    This guy that left his camp fire unattended should of known better, it’s just common sense in our summers.

    • He’s going to learn more about the meaning of ‘name and shame’ than anybody ever wants to know.

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