Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 26, 2012

The Ugliest House

…in the block? No contest.

In the street? Still, the competition is nonexistent.

The neighbourhood? Remains a safe bet.

There are so many touches that make this a special piece of architecture. The prewar pattern window, wasted at the back, with its view half obscured by a tall fence. The beading, not too bad of its own, but ending abruptly at the white-painted metal cap on the roof. The Federation-era front door recycled as a back door and juxtaposed with a 60s era window suggests a rushed tour through the bargains bin at the second-hand yard.The downpipe/light fitting combo is the coup de grace, however.

No pics here in plain view: there are times when the internet can be a very small community indeed. As they say – the miracle of the internet is that you can find anyone, and the nightmare of the internet is that anyone…

Step over here for an outsider’s view of the suburban horror I’ve dubbed The Palace Of Crap.


  1. I kind of dig the wavy metal fencing!.

    • Sorry to disappoint you – that’s not metal, but cement sheet. Standard fencing here in Perth, where any wooden structure has to be shielded from termites.

      • Dang – I need to adjust the brightness on my computer or get new eyes. Or maybe both.

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