Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 1, 2012

Shock discovery: not all spam is obsequious.

Confusing, yes, but not obsequious.

You’re not mad about the tattoo. You’re just experiencing a dull moment in the standom. You don’t have anyone new to drag, Katy Perry is taking a break and dragging Nicki is getting repetitive. Moreover, you’ve discovered soft grunge videos by pretty girls with daddy issues and it’s a nice little occupation of your time. But you still feel the need to complain about *something*, and since we’re at the end of an era you decide to be judgmental about ARTPOP’s sound (which you can’t even begin to conceptualize), about Gaga’s weed use (which you probably have no empirical or theoretical understanding of and would rather regurgitate whatever opinion you’ve been spoon-fed), and about her tattoos. Please stop. Not for my sake, not for Gaga’s sake but for your sake. You sound like whiny children with the intellectual capacity of a rubber band. When she got a Tokyo tattoo you didn’t call her a chola, but when she got a Rio tattoo you did. You’re projecting the social context in which Gaga is right now on her, making insulting observations about a category of people, and generalizing your observations into judgments without basis.

And now I’ll have to consult the Urban Dictionary to learn the meaning of ‘chola’. For some reason I’m not looking forward to that.

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