Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 27, 2012

It’s important to do these things well.

Memory is a funny thing.

I remember watching this episode of The Avengers as a boy. Probably on its first run on Australian tv, which would place it around 1968 or ’69. And as I recalled it during the intervening decades, Steed turned down the offer of a blindfold. He dismissed the soldier with a shake of the head that said “Really, old chap…” as if he’d committed a dreadful faux pas.

The actual scene is even better than that. John Steed was the epitome of grace under pressure.


  1. What a great scene. They were terrific together, Steed and Mrs. Peel. I also am quite fond of Steed and Mrs. Gale, together, too. A different dynamic altogether, but still just as wonderful.

  2. As far as I can recall we started the Avengers here with the Steed/Peel era. It wasn’t till the early 70s that the Steed/Gale eps were broadcast.
    I seem to recall Honor Blackman having a conversation with a teddy bear sitting in a big chair.

    • Yes! You’re right. I don’t remember the name of the teddy bear episode (it’s been quite a while since I watched anything Avengers-related), but oh, Honor Blackman. She is wonderful in the role. I only just learned Nyree Dawn Porter was offered the role as well, but turned it down. I would have liked to have seen that, since I am only familiar with her role as Irene Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga.

      • I see you’ve also discovered NDP starred with TMFU Robert Vaughan in Da Pratectas – to give it a Roman spelling.

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