Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 6, 2012

Prometheus: The Honest Trailer.

Seriously, I believe the People In Charge Of The Oscars should create a new category: Most Justifiably Ridiculed Mocked and Parodied Motion Picture. Just for this pile of cinema crud.

And Ridley Scott should walk up to the podium to accept it in person. Then drop his pants, and jam that statuette up his butthole.





  1. Nobody liked Prometheus. It’s hard to find a more reviled big tentpole flick in 2012. The ratio of insane fanboy hype to actual movie payoff goodness is so out of whack. We’re talking Star Wars prequel-level disappointment.

    But the Honest Trailer is rad. Thanks.

    • Like the volume controls on Spinal Tap’s speakers, the suck factor on Prometheus went all the way to 11.
      Once Ridley’s got his Oscar properly inserted he should feed himself to Super Vagina.

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