Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 30, 2012

Demo by Neglect.

I’ve lived in the same area of Perth for fifteen years, and I’ve seen this happen to a few old homes.

This house will still occupied in 1997. I walked past it regularly en route to Leederville. I don’t know exactly when it was vacated, but several years ago it became quite obvious that it was neither lived in nor cared for. And now a fence has been put across the front.

The fence has been in place since Easter so there’s apparently no intention to knock it down. It’s just been left to rot away.

No doubt to be replaced by a high class brothel for the topmost ranks of Perth society. Boys, girls, whippers and whippees. All services provided and utterly discreet. With a screaming pink neon sign out the front.

Okay, so that’s highly unlikely. The site will probably get another row of units with ceilings so low that even midgets will be claustrophobic. Much nicer (bleaaghhh).

Stu at Yelpar spotted another DbN victim in Northbridge. His collection here of what we’ve lost, and gained in return, will make any lover of decent architecture weep.


  1. It is sad. Plenty similar to that one over here, too. Lord knows how many generations were raised in such fine homes, as they were at one time.

    • This neighbourhood dates back to the 1900-1920 era, so there were likely a few families that called it home.
      Another one a few streets away has been partly demolished and is now just sitting there in suburban limbo.

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