Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 28, 2012

Barnaby Joyce on the goose named Swan.

Again, some background for non-Australians.

Wayne Swan is the Australian Treasurer. He understands this to mean that he can put the Commonwealth in debt for the next seven generations because he has the map. He knows where the treasure is buried.

Barnaby Joyce is a member of the National Party. Quite a few of the people who used to twirl their fingers beside their heads as they mentioned Barnaby’s name are no longer doing so. They’re too busy trying to pay the electricity bill. Grandma’s left kidney is on eBay but the bids just aren’t getting up there. Plan B: sell the children into slavery.

Last week Senator Joyce devoted his regular column in the Canberra Times to Wayne and his monetary misadventures.

A black Swan event is looming.


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