Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 23, 2012

Prepare for Occupy Earache.

Of all the Ossorted Occupations, the Perth franchise must rate among the most insignificant. Unlike their comrades elsewhere they found the city’s authorities unwilling to play Neville Chamberlain.

They garnered minimal media attention and even less financial backing. The donations didn’t roll in quite the way they did on Wall Street. When I spotted the OPers outside the State Library recently their sole asset was a bedsheet with their name painted on it. Hell, they’re so hard up for relevance they leave the spam on their website. There’s not much affirmation for the cause in comments from ‘Louis Vitton replica bags for sale’ and ‘Cheap car insurance in Florida’, but when you accumulate a few thousand they must generate a feeble sort of comfort.

It’s time that the statement became a question.

The OPeless were out in force that Saturday. Presumably.  I counted a grand total of four around the bedsheet. That would have been at approximately 10:45. Had I known there was a General Assembly scheduled for 11 I might have stuck around, since this was the day that plans were announced for The Great Resurgence.

Occupy Perth have been invited to bring the following proposal for an international day of action to our local assembly and aligned groups for endorsement and involvement… Creeping Jeebus, what a long-winded way of saying We’ve got an idea. Are you interested?

On second thought, it’s totally appropriate. Given the nature of the proposal.

It’s a casserole march!

The pot banging, a.k.a. casserole march, may seem an uninteresting action on the surface. It might be more interesting if we were to coordinate an energy-blackout, some sort of online protest or hack, or a boycott that would more directly affect the savage system of capitalism.

‘The savage system of capitalism’. It’s got a certain swing to it. But that’s as close as the Occupixies will get to euphony with this adventure.

We think this can be achieved by doing the same thing on the same day all over the world – making a lot of noise! For example by potbanging, music, shouting, singing…

Noise. Noise is the next step on the path to the Occuparadise.

Christianity produced the King James Bible. Lenin was inspired by Das Kapital.

The Occupy movement will bang saucepans.

Capitalism, savage and systematic, will be with us a while yet.

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