Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 15, 2012

Just another parody you need to know. Plus lyrics. Plus a dance mix.

The song that just doesn’t go away. 318 million plus views on youtube.

And that’s only the original. The Somebody Industry has spawned covers, parodies, parodies of covers, and dance mixes.

Not to mention a lament to George Lucas.

Dance mixes aren’t really my cup of tea, but this one has a certain something.

And so to the parody de jour. From College Humour: that awful sense of frustration and regret we’ve all known.

Whichever side of the learning fence we were on.

Get a little lost in all that? Courtesy of

Now and then I think of what I learned in high school
Like AP Bio an-d British Literature
Is that igneous or metamorphic?
I don’t need to write in Iambic.
And I’ll admit I don’t know shit about Millard Fillmore

Why did I have to learn this stuff?
It has never come in handy
Never used it for nothing.
Why did we read The Scarlett Letter?
Puritans are boring
Even when one is a slut
There’s actually one thing I still know:
Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin
Definitely do not need that though
Now it’s just a study that I used to know

Now and then I think of all the things I taught you
Every handout with a Farside Cartoon appropo
You don’t want to live that way
Forgetting every word I say
You said you’d never let it go
I guess mnemonic devices just weren’t enough for you though

You really freaking piss me off
I worked so hard to teach you something
Now you don’t know nothing.
What does the conch symbolize?
Or anything beyond the first three
Digits of Pi.
And what about SohCahToa?
Or A-sexual reproduction of the Protozoa?
I guess you didn’t need that though.
Now it’s just a study that you used to know

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