Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 7, 2012

Did George Miller catch it from Ridley Scott? And how do we stop it before it spreads any further?

Prometheus. #1 Cinema Letdown of 2012.

Coming in 2013: Mad Max 4 – Fury Road.

Considering the movie’s background, that release date ought to come with an asterisk and a To Be Confirmed footnote. If ever a film was cursed from conception, MM4 would have to be it.

Work almost began nearly ten years ago in Namibia, but was stalled by the Gulf War. (Insert SIGN FROM GOD sound effect here.) Six years later, the cameras were being set up around Broken Hill, site of the second Mad Max movie – released here in Oz as Mad Max 2, but elsewhere as The Road Warrior. MM2 remains, in my opinion, the best movie ever made in Australia (with In Search Of Anna as a close second, but none of you have ever seen that. Or have you?) MM2, unlike most of the turgid screen product of the Great South Land, tells a story and aims to entertain. It doesn’t berate its audience for being white, middle-class, and relatively affluent.

No, it just says that white middle-class and relatively affluent is extinct. But I digress…

MM4 – Broken Hill 2009, location for the externals, went from desert to oasis when the skies opened, and the oceans did fall from the sky. SIGN FROM GOD? Tell me it wasn’t. Back to Namibia for the outdoor shoots.

2012 – Real moviemaking begins. Release date – well, we’ve done that already.

So over the course of nearly a decade, MM4 has been announced, set back, resumed, delayed and resumed. Mel Gibson was in at the start, but later dropped out. The movie was live action; for a while it was postulated as an anime feature, now it’s live action again. World events and Mother Nature have interfered. In the midst of all this, George Miller has gone from being known as the Australian director whose apocalyptic edgy feature was outshone by its post-apocalyptic heroic sequel to being known as the Australian director who makes those family friendly movies about talking pigs and dancing penguins.

And now, the latest news. Added to the cast of Mad Max 4 last week – Australian model Megan Gale.

Megan is a stunner, and a Perth girl to boot. As an actress…. I know, a few models have made the transition from lovely clothes horse to reciting other peoples words and faking emotions in front of the camera. But for me, the line ‘model turned actress’ will always jump straight to Elle Macpherson’s woeful performance in Batman and Robin. I’ve walked through forests that were less wooden. Years after I saw this movie I still wonder how much Elle paid Joel Schumacher to let her have that role. No youtube link here, sully your own computer!

Ms Gale has already been in a George Miller movie, almost – Justice League of America, as Wonder Woman. That movie was never completed. Is that a distant SFG rumbling in the background?

There’s a plague spreading among directors, compelling them to dishonour their earlier works. What a blessing that Kubrick had nothing to do with 2010.

I don’t think even Tom Hardy in the title role will save Mad Max 4. Truly, this film was born beneath a dark and unlucky star.

Speaking of stars – did you notice the name of the other female lead?

For my next trick I’ll outrun a V8 Interceptor.

(Images link to their source sites. Thanks to the official MM4 movie site for information here and here.)

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