Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 26, 2012

Slush is the word, is the word that I heard…

(Blame Tim Blair!)

So I turned on the radio this morning and there was Elvis Costello singing Slush It Up. Switching channels I got Russell Morris crooning ‘Slush, slush, she’s a dirty crooked bitch but I love her just the same now…’ Well, that’s his problem.

On to another radio station. Electric Light Orchestra getting soulful on ‘I Can’t Slush Her Out of My Head…’ Big Country told me ‘In a big country, slush stays with you/like a filthy stain upon your rotten soul…’

Enough is enough! I killed the radio. With a tomahawk.

What’s on at the movies? Oh, great. What a double feature: The Dark Slush Rises, and 2012: A Slush Odyssey. Directed by Slushly Kubrick. Or was it Stanley Slushbrick?

In desperation I went to the bookstore, to ask if my request had arrived. They said Gone With The Slush wasn’t due until next year.


  1. ‘Slush, slush, she’s a dirty crooked bitch…’

    For a moment, I thought this a love song to and for Jooolya..

    • I took a lyrical liberty.
      Check out the link. You might remember the original version by Joe South.

      • Oh Noes. Foiled again am I. and i gotta’ tells ya, this aluminium hurts

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