Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 26, 2012


We’ve survived attack.  From above, and from below.

The hair of the 1980s is but a memory – albeit one of which some people are still fond.

THE END has been predicted many, many times. Did I say ‘many, many times’? Try ‘many, many, many‘.

Whatever. We’re still here.

But the final chapter on all as we know it may be about to open:

Facebook not only is on course to go bust but will take the rest of the ad-supported Web with it.

So now you’ve got something to be frightened of in December, when a lot of dead Mayans will be left looking silly.

‘The ad-supported Web’? Excuse me, but what a load… if you’ve got Adblock, the ads are a non-event!

Why are newspapers and other sites putting in paywalls? Because their advertisers are getting wise.  It’s beginning to dawn that the bucks they’re shelling out for ads online are money down the chute.

No advertising – no revenue.

In days of old the rule was, 80 percent of your advertising is wasted – but nobody knows which 80 percent. That fail percentage would be a lot closer to triple figures today.

Unintended consequences strike again. The old hard-copy media does have an advantage after all. It puts advertising right under the consumer’s nose; and they can ignore it, but they can’t make it vanish.

Many thanks to James Paterson at the IPA for the link.


  1. I think I recognized some of those unfortunate students from the 80s hair website.

    • Other eras are remembered for their art or architecture, but the 1980s will always be about the hair.

      • And the skinny ties and the music and the neon colors. And the music. Did I mention that? Could the music of the 80s be considered art? Not of all of it, mind, but some of it? YES.

        • True. And I’d forgotten about the skinny ties.

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