Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 16, 2012

Outraged, thoroughly pissed-off minds think alike.

James at Bingbing:

“Gillard will be lucky to avoid gaol.”



  1. Greg

    All Governments are alike once they are in power.. When a guy enters politics the best thing yiu can do is hang him before he goes against you.

    • I disagree, to this extent: Politics is not about who’s right, it’s about who is least wrong.
      In 2007 Australians voted out a government that undeniably had some problems. But the people they put into power have revealed themselves time and time again as utterly incompetent and not wholly trustworthy. If we could go back I think we’d prefer to take our chances with the other team and hope they sorted their issues out.
      They couldn’t have done anywhere near the damage that the Circus of Ineptitude has done.

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