Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 15, 2012

New in The Gallery of 61: Forty days and forty nights.

Several decades have passed since I entered the ranks of Retired Catholicism. For all that, when this image first appeared in MBF Lite four years ago, it immediately evoked the story of Christ confronting the devil.

And he was in the desert forty days and forty nights, and was tempted by Satan; and he was with beasts, and the angels ministered to him.



  1. Outstanding work, Gregory. Because the EYE is drawn to the art, BEFORE reading any printed word(s), I got exactly the feeling you described.

    • It is an attention-grabber for sure. The Christ figure, a nascent cross, resists pressure from all sides.

  2. Greg

    You are quite a guy and I am somewhat intrigued. Do you do this artwork for a living?

    I have had a kind of life of my own with religion; it is a favorite topic of the thinking part of my brain but I avoid the emotional know-all’s and those who think they are the ones in the right; certainly I avoid participation in religious arguments about churches. It occurred to me that you said in the first Post I read that you “believe in God when it seems the best or for want of a better idea”, or something like that. And now you have this Art?

    However, I do enjoy “looking at people through” religion and I am MOST DEFINITELY NOT A DARWIN WORSHIPPER. In fact, I find Darwin kind of amusing and his emotional following quite hilarious.

    Would you like to talk about it?

    On 8/15/12, The mind is an unexplored country.

    • Do I do this for a living? No, Ike, but I wouldn’t mind selling some of it now and then.
      I like the idea of a discussion. I’ll open a post on the topic over the weekend, and invite comments from all directions.

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