Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 13, 2012

A fresh exhibit in The Gallery of 61: A Kiss.

The original title was ‘Squishy Amorphous Protoplasms Need Loving Too.’ But I changed my mind. It lacked the proper note of romance.

This Kiss has been on display in a couple of different versions. The main difference here is the darker background.

I chose this grid for its straight lines, reminiscent of a fence or barrier. Which I feel heightens the passion of the contact between our unlikely lovers. One, leaping across, takes the other in a wild embrace that charges them both with explosive energy.

The darker background adds a 3D effect too.

Visit The Gallery of 61 to see my other fractal works. The two images that comprise this were created in Tierazon, with further work in Gimp and Sterling2.


  1. Ace!

    Umm, good call on the name change, but Shirley you weren’t serious

    • ‘A Kiss’ is a lot easier to remember. And it’s short. But, I thought, maybe it’s just too mundane.

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