Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 29, 2012

The Five Rings: Dope, Extravagance, Mind-numbing Commentary, Irrelevant Pageantry, and (yes, right at the end) Sport.

Is ‘sport’ really the appropriate descriptor for the Olympic Games? ‘Sport’, in my mental thesaurus, links to fairly humble meetings of teams on the local field of challenge. Men and women, boys and girls, they gather to engage in physical combat on Saturday afternoon. They rest on Sunday and then it’s back to school and/or work.

The Olympics have become a much more serious enterprise. Well, serious about spending money on overblown spectacle. Three hours for an opening ceremony? The people in the stadium must have had their bladders tested as a condition for obtaining tickets.

Here’s some levity. It won’t totally counter the pomposity but it’s a start.


  1. Boris is certainly not your stuffed shirt Brit in high office. Just peeked at Englishmen’s first names and yep Boris is one of them.
    Boris Warrior
    Funny gent he is.

  2. Oh hell no. Another lefty musty have squirted him with the liquid from an onion, to make the boy tear up (second link)..They shoulda’ used ground pepper, and made him sneeze instead. Now THAT would have been hilarious…

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