Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 28, 2012

Do these glasses make my ineptitude look big?

We’ve had Nose In The Air Jooolya, and more recently, Approachable ForumFriendly (Questions Vetted) Jooolya. The government will exhaust every marketing strategy known until the election. This pic suggests they’re going to try a few of the unknowns as well.

RapRanga J-Gill! Coool! In the projectile-vomiting sense of the word, that is.

Gods! I just had a terrifying vision of Pin Up Jooolya…


  1. Gosh she looks worse.

    Don’t know if you have heard this if not well worth it.

    • Thanks, Merilyn, that’s a pretty damning rundown!

      • ……and yet the media are still turning a “blind eye”, to it all. Why? Are they scared of her?

        • The MSM have too much of a personal investment in the Ruddlard Corporation. They’ve been hammering TA the same way they did JWH, day after day. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped their attention that the public is deserting Labor, but who among them dares say out loud that this government is stuffed? They couldn’t do it without one hell of a big mea culpa.

          • Gregory get a load of this photo.


            • I don’t know about ‘nasty’, Merilyn. ‘Supremely patronising’ might be a better description for that face!

            • I was very surprised to see that Turnbull made that remark, he usually doesn’t say much about her at all.

              Yes you are correct, very patronising indeed.

  2. Spot on Gregory, and well said.

  3. Think the media and Ms Roxon [just a thought but does anyone actually like this woman], are making to much of this.

    • Maybe Kevvie will throw a question on this from the backbench when Parliament resumes. Too much to hope for?

      • Heh!!!!! Probably but what the heck.

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