Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 26, 2012

From Stu at YelPar: Perth Airport as I never saw it.

A set of photos from the 1960s – judging from the planes themselves. As I’ve mentioned before, I work just across the road from the airport with a good view of the control tower. The wide open spaces you see here are long, long gone.

The international terminal has since been constructed on the opposite ie eastern side of the runways. Eventually the domestic terminal will move over there, too.

The absence of a TAA T-jet is a sad omission. Here it is, courtesy of ausairuniforms.

You’ll note that this is exactly the same model jet as the Ansett plane in the collection. That’s what you get with a Tweedledee and Tweedledum approach to flying. There was a long time when Australia had one commercial airline, Ansett, and the government owned Trans Australia Airlines. Same planes, pretty much the same fares and timetables too.

TAA was often referred to as Try Another Airline. But then, as someone pointed out, their competition’s name stood for A New Sadistic Experience To Try.


  1. “(Or as Reg Ansett used to say, Try Another Airline.)”

    I’d swear, and I gotta’ stop, that the above came out of your head, NOT Mr. Ansett. 😉

    • Not me, sir. And probably not Reg either. I attributed it to him because he was TAA’s competitor – just quietly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Try Another Airline was thought up by someone inside the organisation.

      • Was Reg a good fellow and is he alive? If so, we shall exempt him from the waterboarding. 🙂

        We over here have plenty to administer, the entire 44 administration, starting with 44. They will LOVE GITMO, I hear it is lovely this time of year..

        • Reg has gone to the great airport in the sky these many years now. He was an entrepreneur before that term acquired its odious stench here in Australia during the 1980s. There’s plenty online about the man, but these items here and here seem fairly balanced starting points.

  2. “entrepreneur”? As 44 stated: “You didn’t build that”. Seems as though Aussie’s beat 44 in that thought, by a few decades.

    Lived a damn full life, he did. He and I share something, I owned a “second-hand Studebaker car”. Funny though, ’cause I didn’t become rich and famous. Hmmmm.

    Next life, IF there is such a thing, must make the attempt to alter a few things.

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