Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 23, 2012

Piling on: the proliferating putdowns of Prometheus. Plus poetry.

Not since the first/fourth Star Wars movie have expectations been so cruelly steamrolled.

Mags warned me off it. Reelgirl327 was not unsatisfied, but doesn’t want a sequel.

Aiden R gave it 5/10 – and I suspect he was being more generous than he intended.  Gabriel Vogel at Simply Film, on the other hand, delivered 4 out of 5. Although he acknowledged that the script sucked like a Hoover.

Jon Kenna thought it was good, but fell well short of great.

Mister Plinkett, he of the (ahem) idiosyncratic Star Wars reviews, gave the movie the sort of thoroughgoing dissection that we used to expect from our political reporters.

There’s not much to add to that. Except…







In outer space

nobody can hear you




In outer space

nobody can hear your


fall out of your arse.


Steal back Prometheus!

Do it for your fans, Ridley.

Give Doctor Shaw

a better closing:



I want to give those bastards

a taste of their own medicine.




  1. Hi,
    Thank You for the mention. 🙂
    Love the video, just couldn’t stop laughing, brilliant, and a good message as well. 😀

    • If you haven’t seen Mr Plinkett’s Star Wars pieces you are missing out big time!

      • Just had a look at 2 of them, unreal, I kept the link to go through some more later. 🙂

  2. Thanks from me too for the mention. Hilarious video. I knew there were holes in the script but now I reckon it’s mostly hole.

    • Come back, Stanley Kubrick. All is forgiven!

      • Absolutely. 2001: A Space Odyssey is lightyears ahead of this. hehe, see what I did there?

  3. Always the danger of hype!
    Everyone I spoke to about the film said it was “alright”.

    • “Alright” is about as good as it deserves. Coming from the man who directed Alien and Blade Runner, however, it’s a pallid effort.
      Then again, Ridley Scott has delivered a few duds over the years. Anyone else remember Legend?

  4. […] Prometheus. #1 Cinema Letdown of 2012. […]

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