Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 9, 2012

Other people’s pictures, June 2012.

This time it’s mostly about cartoons.

I cut this from an edition of National Lampoon about thirty years ago. Going through the shelves recently I found it again, and decided it was time to have it scanned and preserved for future generations. As you might expect the paper was looking rather fragile.

The joke, however, remains strong. I rate it as the second best that I’ve ever encountered.

From about the same time, but a rather different publication – the National Times, to be precise.

Today the TV would be a computer, and it would have ten times as many arms. That’s progress.

Artwork by Tony Edwards, much better known for his porcine anti hero, Captain Goodvibes.

More coloured-in samples of the Cap’s adventures from the surfin’ 70s here.

This was my Christmas message about ten years ago. A panel from a Commies From Mars strip, with new dialogue.

A comment here on cultural differences on the interplanetary scale. Click on the image for the source.

From Awesome Ben, a cartoon that tackles the other end of the situation. Ben explains:

“I was trying to explain this image to my sister and gf after seeing The Avengers. It’s base on the promo image where all the characters are in action-ready poses, except for Black Widow that is just showing her ass … and what it would look like if it was reversed.”

And if that’s not enough to quell your perceptions of gender imbalance on this blog…

Happy now?



  1. Hi,
    Loved the cartoons, brilliant, but that last photo, that is just hilarious. 😆

    • He was the prettiest of the collection. Seriously.

  2. Where the heck did you find that last one? Scrolling down my iPad it wasn’t wha I expected

    • Just there to satisfy aggrieved feminists who deplore my endless pics of Gina.

  3. Love that TV image of the hammering hands reaching out….

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