Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 5, 2012

Edward Khil won’t trololo no mo’.

(UPDATE: Assorted Trololo in the comments section.)

Sad news. Edward Khil, the Russian singer who became an internet sensation with his hand waving and warbling, has passed away.

St Petersburg’s culture press officer Ksenia Kachalova said that Khil had died in hospital in the city on Sunday night (June 3), with an official cause of death not currently confirmed.

Mr Khil has left behind a true gem in Trololo. And who knows, he may find employment on the other side.

Christians will find Heaven; Muslims will find Paradise.

Unbelievers of all sorts will be welcomed with this.

(Thanks to Mickelodeon at Strange Cousin Susan for the news.)


  1. Oh, no. Bless him.

    And just for the record, I can’t stand that “hyper-extended” mix… give me the good old

    RIP Edward Khil… and everyone should feel free to trololololololololololo-roll their favorite blog today in memoriam.

  2. I only know about the trololololololololololo phenomena because of you…so, thanks? Yeah, I guess thanks are in order because I like the weird and offbeat. And this is both. Plus music. And its own website.

    • He even made it on to Family Guy.

      • And if you think the song is weird, just check out this audience.

        • As with so many things, I prefer the original Trolololololo over this one. The audience is definitely weird in this clip!

          • The original is truly the best, but the Family Guy clip runs a close second by being (a) short and sharp and (b) even more surreal than the original. When the entire bar breaks into song…

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