Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 28, 2012

One for Memorial Day: past meets present, hands across the water and all that.

Don’t worry, Gina! Help is on the way!

The ladies on the left were photographed on a beach in Queensland way back when. Click on the image for a much larger view.

And I have to say: there is something rather naughty about those old-style swimsuits. Why was the skirt cut so high?

It’s as if – how can I put this tactfully – the design was intended to let the boys think they were seeing something they didn’t expect to see.

Or maybe that’s just my Catholic upbringing coming to the fore again. Thanks to the nuns and the brothers, I can see salaciousness in the most unlikely places.

BONUS PIC: From the La La Land gallery of my London correspondent Laura Mercorillo, a piece of art that must have been created for the soldier at the front.

Happy Memorial Day, America. May your memories be happy ones.


  1. you altar boys always fantasizing about miracles and apparitions under those dangerous short skirts umh? eheh

    • ALMOST seeing is more stirring than either seeing or not seeing. So, yes.

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