Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 27, 2012

Our Jooolya: no worthwhile policies, just a few silly postures.

Australia’s first female Prime Minister not to be elected three times, in the House of Reps last week.

Oim doing yew en enawmus fayva, lissning to yew.

Nose in the stratosphere, face a mask of disdain. We’ve seen that look before.  Whether it’s an improvement on this tactic from last year

is a matter for debate.

Here’s another pose that her J-ness fancies.

I call it the Margaret Hamilton Death Stare. Not that’s it’s lethal to anything – except her political future. And that’s been in the terminal phase for some time.

Unfortunately, I can’t present any examples here of  the response that Jooolya loves best. I’ve searched several times, but the one positive link I located turned out dead. That’s strange, because

should be returning a few results at least.


  1. Thanks for your numerous likes, Craig Hill. And now, having Jooolya’d my eyes to the point of torture, I’ll see if I have any appetite for dinner.

  2. Im pleased I’ve had my dinner but unfortunately I’m just about to turn in for the night. My sweet dreams will probably be somewhat disturbed. 😛

  3. I’d say it is a photo finish, Greg. The Australian and U.S. governments, both end up dead heat last. The people of our nations, have work to do. We must take out the trash.

  4. Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Look, it’s the female version of, #44.

    • “Visit Australia! Strange wildlife! Beautiful beaches! Absurd politicians!”

      • HA! Ours have an almost inexhaustible supply, of the absurd. Take that mate..

  5. You have outdone yourself Gregory, love what you have written. Beautiful.

    Boy they must teach them bad manners in the Labor school these days, Rudd did the same to John Howard, [turned his back on him].

    • There was a piece written on the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 2005, Merilyn – possibly in Quadrant. The writer pointed out that all the Labor howling in 1975 when Fraser blocked supply was more than a little hypocritical, since Labor had been doing the same thing as a matter of course for years. Purely as a stunt, of course, since they didn’t have the numbers.
      Whatever good remains in Labor is going to be tossed out with all its rottenness at the next election. I’ve heard it said that the best political system in this day and age is a right-wing government with a left-wing media, who will keep those in power honest just by following their natural tendency. That’s what we can expect as the new order of things here.

      • Saw Whitlam the day after the “dismissal”, and he was defiant about the whole issue. [He was our local member, and came out to a function put on by the Army].

        See the polls are out on Newspoll, very dubious about it, had a phone call from a man doing the poll and he only wanted a certain age group, between 18 and 50, [he was very polite when I said my age 65 and then told me that the powers that be weren’t interested in older groups] so there you go. Take it with a grain of salt.
        That is why I always say that the only poll that really counts is the one on voting day.

        • I’ve heard that before about pollsters and their (ahem) age-specific requirements. I’m sure they’d tell us that the credibility of their findings are in now way harmed by this.

  6. Hey Gregory in case you missed it, here is a photo of Julia, put up by in a post on Tim’s blog.

    She could be saying,”I thought I saw a Tommy Bird’, well o’k I admit it I’m not good at sayings. [Heh].

    • Drat, forgot this bit, put up by The old and unimproved Dave, in the post “Line Uncrossed”.

    • I’ll think of something to put to that. Thanks Merilyn.
      What a legacy this woman will leave. “Boo! Here’s my scary face!”

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