Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 27, 2012

For pity’s sake, you clueless knuckle-dragging ZZZ-grade balloonheads, stop the merry-go-round and GET THE FUCK OFF!

After that title, all that follows will be anticlimax. Sorry – I just had to vent.

But the Circus of Ineptitude is once again considering a change of ringmaster.

JULIA Gillard’s former loyal supporter Joel Fitzgibbon is openly canvassing for votes for a switch to Kevin Rudd warning: “The hung parliament is killing us”.

10 out of 10 for observation. Zero for problem solving.

Change of leader is not the answer. Especially not changing back to the leader who was so unpopular that you threw him only two years ago.

What is it with these people? How can they be so wilfully blind to the facts and still safely cross a road?

I don’t know how they do it. Drowning men will clutch at reeds, to be sure, but this lot would tell themselves it was a luxury liner with six diesel engines and a spa.

The merchandise is rotten and it doesn’t matter what you wrap it in. A turd wrapped in silk is a waste of silk.

One other thing. The Australian Labor Party should change its name, to better reflect the truth about its membership.

Clearly, it’s full of them.


  1. Saw this on Piers Akerman’s blog “How Labor Proves it loves hypocrisy”, on page 4 by DT Labor should change its name to “Green Union Labor Socialist Party of Australia”. Not bad eh? However, think there should be a communist section for Julia, Lee and Christine.

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