Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 10, 2012

If Jean Paul Sartre had seen this…

… he could have spent his days playing golf. Instead of being existential.



Thanks again to Awesome Ben.


  1. Were the “I Have’s” reversed, the “free stuff” would be dropped at their doors, no asking required..

    • “I have a penis – give me free stuff.” Y’know, I don’t think that will get me too far at the supermarket this morning. But if the girl at the checkout is cute enough, I might try it.

      • So, ummm, was she cute enough? AND, if she was, when do you report to prison?

        • Distinctly cute-deficient, as it happened…

  2. Uh, yep. Customer don’t look to bad, though. From the this view, strong’ish back/shoulders, “I Have Tits Give Me Free Stuff”, maybe?

    • Ah well. Another one that got away.

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