Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 30, 2012

A temporary silence.

Too much youtube on ANZAC Day, perhaps, but the fast internet has been all used up.
Wordpress, like just about every other site these days, is not amenable to dial-up type speeds.
I will be back somewhere around the seventh of May.


  1. Well for God’s sake!

    • I know, I know…

      • LOL. Hey, to rip off from our Africans, Yu iz intitle, boy.

        Just be well, good friend..

  2. I’m trying again to leave a comment, to see if whatever the problem was a few days ago has cleared out.

    • It works with my old URL, now let’s see if it works with my new URL. (Feel free to delete these test comments, if you’d like)

      • Working fine here now, Miss Bitch Sprinkles.

        • I srsly LOLed when I read this.

      • Guess I’d better clarify that last comment…

        • Good “guess”, Mr. Gregoryno6. LMAO.

          • Even with friends, online wit can be a risky affair.

            • Umm, yes, yes indeed. And Ms. strange cousin susan, aka Mick, aka mickey glitter, had just completed your voodoo doll.

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