Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 22, 2012

Sunday morning, both directions.

Take your choice: with Johnny…

…or with Gina.

She doesn’t really need music, but what the hell…



  1. Johnny and Gina are like chocolate covered pretzels: two flavor you wouldn’t think would work well together, but instead taste great.

    • Gina likes her chocolate, so leaves Johnny with pretzel status. I don’t think he’d be unhappy about that.

  2. Off-topic: This seems perfectly suited for your geography and talents—>

    • The is the storie de jour, for sure.
      I’ve stopped making comments like ‘This government can’t possibly sink any lower’ or ‘They couldn’t be any more incompetent if they tried.’ Because they always prove me wrong. They don’t see these statements as a condemnation, Shamus. They’re a challenge.
      I don’t know how familiar you are with Australian history but the last government we had that came close to this circus of ineptitude was Gough Whitlam’s Labor government in the early 1970s. In November 1975 the Governor General of the day dismissed the government and set a date in December for elections, at which Labor were smashed by the voters. Wikipedia gives a fairly straightforward account of events.
      Jooolya’s already eclipsed Gough as our worst Prime Minister since Federation. Now she seems determind to make November 1975 look like a boring family picnic.

      • Believe me homie: Australia and America are being run by twin socialist incompetencies.

        Is ‘incompetencies’ even a word?

        • It might not be a word, but it’s a fact.

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