Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 20, 2012



ADDENDUM: A certain (ahem) imbalance in the allocation of slaps… to quote the old professor, why is it so?


  1. Hi,
    That was brilliant, if it wasn’t so late I would of had a few more goes, I only managed to slap her 122 metres, the first go 77 metres so I was going up the scale well. đŸ˜€

    • My best result – so far, anyhow.
      As soon as she said “I was not elected Prime Minister by the Australian people…”

  2. Didn’t get a “score”, but I knocked here ass back stage at time or two. Does that count?

    • No score came up? That’s odd. I see a framed message come up. And your best score so far should be showing down the bottom of the screen.
      PS: New best score: 676 metres.

      • I don’t believe I did it right. Will try again. This technickle stuff, you know.

        • Use your mouse to take the hand waaay back and then swing it across with all you’ve got!

          • Don’t have a mouse. Touch pad + left and right buttons. But Christ, the top bloke, whadidhedo, start in Hawaii?

            • I wondered about that myself. Maybe there’s some magic angle of approach.

              PS: Check the number of slaps accorded the respective leaders, new pic added above.

            • LMFAO. That’s wha she gets for bein Welsh.

              We could do that trick with 44, THAT would really get OUR Somali’s in an uproar..

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