Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 13, 2012

More Friday the Thirteenths like this, please.

What a day. We had a barbecue lunch at work, having made budget again last month. The news about Bob Brown had hit the airwaves an hour earlier here in Perth, and not a tear was shed over the fried onions at his impending departure.
The conversation moved on to another politician, a local one – he got himself a name with some idiotic pranks a few years ago. That led one of the ladies at work to accuse me of being a closet chair sniffer. Ridiculous! I asked her, “Have you ever TRIED to get a chair into a closet?”



Gran, meanwhile, sends her best wishes to the departing leader of the Greens.


  1. Good comment by Gran, pay that.

  2. Have to love those Grannies with spit and fire, in ’em..

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