Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 11, 2012

The Matt Hayden takedown on Mike Daisey.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link on Matt’s blog The Culture of the Arts World about Mike Daisey, the storyteller recently exposed as a profound and egregious liar. Matt’s done a fine write up on the story, and you should jump over to read it.

The links are important in this story to get the full value. Matt’s reposted the link to This American Life’s retraction and interrogation of Daisey. I’ve added another in comments that links to an article from someone who worked with Daisey to get his story before an audience. The thoroughgoing deceit of the man doesn’t really come home until you read this.


  1. Impossible to spell liar without the L, in the Left. Funny that..

    • Quite so. Now, go back to Matt’s blog and leave a comment there. He’s the one who did all the work!
      PS: Please.

      • Umm, gosh..OK.

      • Umm, made the attempt, 3 times good sir. I was informed that my open ID, could not be verified. And I thought tomorrow [over here] was Friday the 13th..fehh

        • Bugger!

          • Yeah, that’s what I said. [well close anyways]

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