Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 8, 2012

Every now and then, I’m in just the right place at just the right time.

I made the traditional Easter Sunday breakfast pilgrimage today, rising before dawn to follow the full moon to Leederville. There was no activity at Oxford 130, formerly my #1 spot. In fact it appeared the owners were vacating the premises – again. This would be the second time in two years. Sad to say its departure will be no great loss. Once upon a time it was a fun place with its own style – how many cafes do you know with a string of GI Joes dangling from the roof? But 130 Mk2 was just a weak imitation of the original. It was still in the hands of the same people, but their focus is on their new and much larger cafe across the road. They reopened 130 mainly because they couldn’t get rid of it, I suspect. This time I hope it’s shut for good.

Oxford 130 wasn’t the only place devoid of life. Most of the cafes were shut, so the choice was made for me: Duende. They were still opening up when I walked in but the manageress generously invited me to have a seat and a coffe while the kitchen fired up and the chairs were taken down. The Sunday papers weren’t in so she offered me a couple of GQs. “Magazines full of men much younger and better looking than myself. Thanks,” I said.

Duende’s decor suggests it’s more of an evening place, but the sunrise service was far from slack. The bacon and eggs were first rate and the coffees – both of them – gave me a pleasant buzz. And so I set off for the return journey: the long way home, with the detour around Lake Monger. Before I got to the lake, however, I found a couple of personal items near the freeway overpass. A driver’s licence, to be precise, and another card that appeared somewhat official.

I picked them up and had my walk around the lake, figuring I could search the phone book when I got home. That turned out to be unnecessary. Back on the eastern side of the Mitchell Freeway I found myself at the very street shown on the licence. I found the house just a few doors around the corner. And the licence’s owner saw me coming up the driveway, which was a surprise and a relief. Knocking on a stranger’s door at 9am on a Sunday morning is an adventure, and I don’t mean ‘adventure’ in the fun sense.

The lady was very relieved to have her belongings back. A couple of brainless thugs had broken a window a few days before and just reached through to grab whatever they could. As it happened, all they could grab was her bag. I’d thought something like this might have happened; I’d given the area where I found the cards a quick look over, but there was no sign of a bag or other personal items. The lady told me not to worry. All of that had been found. The cards I’d returned were all that were still missing.

So, she said Thank You a few times, and I said Happy Easter. I probably meant Happy Ending but that’s not what came out. It didn’t matter. I was so chuffed at how it had all worked out, I stopped feeling guilty about the second coffee.


  1. Damn good fellow, I’d say.

    BTW, did you look to see what the “eggplant/feta tart” was wearing @ Duende? 😉

    • Too early for the tarts to be out and about.

  2. Hi,
    What a very unusual Easter Sunday for you, well done in finding the owners of the stolen items, seems it all turned out well and it sounds like you had a great breakfast, a very fulfilling day. 🙂
    Happy Easter.

    • I found a review of Oxford 130 – not a very positive one, but recalling my last visit, pretty accurate. You can just make out the dolls in the second picture. Couldn’t find any decent pics of Lake Monger unfortunately.
      And Happy Easter to you, mags.

  3. Happy Easter! Well…technically, it’s still Easter here, at least for a little while longer. I agree with Mags-a very unusual holiday this year for you.

    • If I’d done the walk today, I would have been lucky to see my own feet. There was a monster fog all over the neighbourhood and it didn’t lift until after 9.
      PS: MickMock still links to the old SCS site.

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