Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 1, 2012

Other people’s pictures.

Plucked on a whim for their homes, scattered across the cybersphere.

Lorraine Creagh‘s new lunch spot.

Side benefit to working in Manly. Employment envy begins in five… four… three…


El Campeador, meanwhile, is still saving for the car.

But he’s already begun interviews for the new chauffeur.

You can hold my beer while I do up my seat belt? Hired!


Jon Kenna remembers Grwych Castle as it was…

…and prefers to not think about what it is today.

Forgotten. Crumbling away. Shunned by those it once drew in numbers.

That’s not a metaphor for modern Britain. It’s the story of Ben Elton’s career.


Awesome Ben has his eye on a stylish non-lethal heat weapon.

Is Ben geek enough to disable to ‘non’ element?

“I love the smell of barbecued greenie in the morning,” Ben chuckled with ill-disguised malice.


On his recent visit to Guam Tim Blair noted with interest the local system for rubbish disposal.

The council doesn’t sent a truck around; you just dump your garbage in the bin, and coconut crabs eat it.

If you can keep the kiddies out of reach they make excellent pets. Honestly, they do!


Laura Mercorillo‘s last boyfriend disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

As the man from Interpol noted, that makes seventeen in a row.

Let’s take a risk… indeed.


And on the subject of risk, pesky doorknockers are giving the folks at PhotoBotos a wide berth since they moved to new premises.

Not really practical for my place. On the other hand, I could excavate the front yard and plant punji sticks.

Finally, a very honourable mention to Bob Belvedere at The Camp Of The Saints, who scours the world for pictures of beautiful women.

Only the finest ladies appear in Bob’s Rule 5 pictorials. And while I hesitate to play favourites, Valentina Lodovini did recently strike an appealing note..

Is it those dark soulful eyes? The lustrous ebony hair?

Does she remind me of someone?


  1. And that’s exactly how the hiring occurred. Ms. Melinda Hanson-Titsworth indicated that she already had purchased, a chauffeur’s uniform.

    Me: prior to “Hired”: Shir Melinda, you jest,

    • Melinda, you jest your chest,
      There. Fixed it for ya.

      • LMAO. Brilliant. Let’s see, how did you type it? OH yeah..Toshoes or something

        • Html text.
          Well that was too clever by half.
          Remove the spaces inside the pointy brackets.
          Oh FFS… here.

          • Oh sure and the first item I focus on is:

            “John Doe is an idiot not so intelligent.”

            Hmmm. To funny..

            Anyhoo, you may have these stuffed away in your secret blog cabinet but if not:


            This link below, I never type the code(s). I just copy and paste whatever character, I choose..


            BTW, left a comment at Lord’s. Mentioned he had a choice, show up as alive…OR, I’d contact an Aussie friend. That’ll fix him.

            • In one of his recent posts his Lordship mentioned that he was looking after his wife’s gran, who is detiorating both physically and mentally. We can probably cut him some slack.

            • Ahh, did not know. Yes, you are absolutely correct. good fellow. I trust the Lord knows, I was joking being a smartass.

  2. LOL
    that’s not correct Gregory, everybody knows my last bf was found belly dancing in a bondage club attended by lesbian ladies only as punishment for being a liar and a cheater

  3. Woot, I’m working on removing the ‘non’ part and reducing the size to something similar to an assault rifle… pew, pew, pew.

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