Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 13, 2012

Another somebody that we need to know.

The thoroughly eccentric and enjoyable Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye is generating more and more cover versions. This song is beginning to look like the biggest thing out of Australia since (gratuitous self-indulgent link ahead) Mad Max.

I’ve seen the version where the band clusters around the guitar, and the version where a computer drones the female part. (Thumbs up on the first; on the second, the Morricone-style guitar work was excellent.) Now a young American chap called Sam Tsui has done it a capella. If you think my art is disconcerting… beware the floating heads!

This song – and undoubtedly Gotye’s original clip – have triggered something in the creative subconscious. People keep finding new angles from which to take it. Can a rap Latin version by the Pope be far away?


  1. This fellow followed me humble blog Take’a look at his photography

    I especially liked the titled, “Fluid”.

    • The raindrops look like pockmarks. Ingenious!

      • I’d give it 5 thumbs up, in a photo contest, fer sure..

        He changed the title to droplets..

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