Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 27, 2012

Like a refreshing dive into a crystal pool filled with alligators…

Tired of the battle between the Labor Losers? Up to the back teeth with the whole “Kevin or Julia?” BS?
This will take your mind far away from all that.
In fact, this will just take your mind away.
Found by mickelodeon, blogress at strangecousinsusan.


(Note 2013.04.07 – this now links to a clip at youtube. The original site, which was an endless loop, has been taken over by a software site.)

UPDATE: Thanks again to Mickel, who tracked this, er, truly remarkable performer down at Wikipedia.

Our mystery singer is… Eduard Khil.

A man of many musical moods and influences.

Gene Pitney…

Frank Sinatra…

Scott Walker…

Katy Perry…

Hell, Ed even gets that Obama thang happening!


  1. You are going to Hell for that GregoryNo6. You know that, right?

    • Simon Cowell later apologised to viewers, and promised that he’d never allow the Thunderbirds on X Factor again.

  2. I’m serious, man.

    • OK, you’re “serious”, I’ll be Roebuck. Howz’ Dat?

      • Shirley, he can’t be serious…

      • OK, you’re “serious”, I’ll be Roebuck.

        Catalogue, not cricket, one hopes.

    • Bah! I mean, Baaa!

      • As you typed recently, ToothShave, or somethin’. 😉

        • Maybe TruthSwerve, a manoeuvre well known to our respective governments.

          • That is par excellence AND the TruthSwerver’s use it to the nth degree.

  3. Hi,
    OMG what on earth was that?

    • A sneak preview of Jooolya’s 2013 campaign speech.

  4. Far canal.

    Trololololololololololo-boy is on Twitter. At least his picture, as an avatar, is:

    • If this is the same uhh, gentleman, Spot? He is deranged.

      Rick ‏ @PlannedSickDays Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
      Riley Reiff has tiny little arms via @BHGP

  5. Updated, people!

    • Tickled that we, in some small way, added to Monsieur Eduard Khil’s career.

      BTW, wasn’t it Gene Pitney that recorded the song, A Town Without Titty?

      Oh Wait!

      • Not a town I’d want to visit…

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