Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 24, 2012

The savage swords of wit are being sharpened. Let the government know their steely kiss!

Spotted at Tim Blair‘s today.

Contributor Art notes:

“It’s interesting that a lot of pics like this are doing the rounds on social media from people who usually don’t post at all about politics (while my lefty friends have stopped posting links to smug Guardian articles and anti-Abbott rants and are saying very little right now). I’d say most Australians who usually keep quiet on their political beliefs are fed up with these muppets.”

Quite so.


  1. Please not to forget the video!

    • Fine work!

      • Like that spot.

  2. Hi,
    It’s amazing how fast these things spread, I have seen the muppet picture in a couple of blogs, and I have received 4 e-mails from friends with this as well.
    It seems to be a one that everyone likes, including me of course. 😀

    • Right now, I bet every ALP member has at least fifteen Tony Abbott dartboards hanging in their office.
      Because it is, of course, ALL TONY’S FAULT! WHAAAAHHHHH!

  3. Not to mention their Murdoch dartboards…

    “Hate Media” latest – latest tweet from the Dark Lord himself:

    • And make plans for a post-popcorn economic recovery.

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