Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 23, 2012

A good automotivator, like a good book, never becomes completely irrelevant.

I couldn’t make sense of the timing of Kruddy’s big announcement. Then someone pointed out that early am Washington time meant early evening for Australia’s major cities in the east. Just in time for the major news bulletins of the day.

Once again, it’s all about Kevin.

When Julia planted her knife between the Kruddian shoulderblades I thought this image had had its day.

Clearly, that was a premature conclusion.


  1. Oh dear god, if ever you saw a photo of Rudd displaying his true nature, this is it, “I am The One, The Only True PM [or dictator, make your own mind up there] of Australia.

    His egomanic nature is there for all to see.

    • This was one of the first I did with Kevvie – not THE first; I might dig its predecessors out – and I posted it on my journal at Redbubble. Even at that early point in his reign – Jan/Feb 2009 – it struck a chord with people.
      And you won’t find that original image anywhere any more. I’ve searched at length, but it’s gone forever. The real question I suppose is how did it ever get online in the first place?

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