Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 16, 2012

And after the show, she ate them.

From the UK Telegraph:

A morbidly obese woman who says she needs help getting out of bed in the morning managed to make it to see her favourite boy band…

Meet the band.

Formerly The Wanted, they’ll soon reappear under their new name: The Digested.


  1. Let Problem Solvers LLC help you ma’am

    And if you call within the next 30 minutes, we will toss in for FREE A years supply to assist getting your fat ass in and out of the bathtub

    • Yeah, but will you supply 24-hour support with that?

  2. Well of course, good sir. Our Precision Actuators in Construction Operations, are the best, 24/7.

    Hopefully Chubs can clean the leftover butter, from the sides of the tub..

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