Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 14, 2012

For Tha Moana Frum Altona: a very special double Valentine.

There was a word that George W Bush’s opponents worked hard, not too many years ago.

Quagmire, n. 1: an area of soft, wet ground. 2: a situation that is hard to deal with or get out of . A situation that is full of problems.

The stocks of our incompetent Prime Minister and her flop of losers sink lower with every passing day. The decline slows at times, and every now and then levels out.

In politics as in life, you never say never. But a return to credibility seems impossibly out of their reach. Too many lies. Too many evasions.

And too much stonewalling.

I heard your question and I’ve answered it.

Allow me to paraphrase, your J-ness.

The time has come to update that legendary utterance.

Clicking on the images will provide larger views, and probably greater rage. Be warned.


  1. The sacrificial lamb! I’m left wondering who is having their acceptance speech prepared at the moment…

    • Kruddy seems determined to be the captain of this sick and sorry Titanic.
      You might enjoy this dissection of Jooolya’s performance last might by Professor Bunyip.

  2. I, like many other Australians, always believed that she was instrumental in the lead up to Krudds demise? Do they think people are total idiots! It was with delight that I watched the 4 Corners interview where she showed the nation that she is untruthful. The sounds we will now be hearing is the death knell for Gillard. Her demise has probably been planned for sometime by those above her. I’m looking forward to the next election.

    • It’s going to be 1949-1972 all over again.

  3. Wonderful, Gregory!!!!!!

    • The gift that keeps on giving. That said, Merilyn, she can stop giving any time she’s ready as far as I’m concerned.
      Hell, she can stop giving even if she NOT ready! WE”RE ready!!!

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