Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 30, 2012

Answer: No. Jooolya is channelling Karen.

From the 2007 film Michael Clayton: Tilda Swinton as Karen Crowder.

The physical resemblance alone is disturbing…

Call me Julia one more time, and I’ll rip your face off your skull.

but this outline of the character from Ferdy on Films – well, judge for yourself.

The film cuts between her fastidious, fluent appearance when giving interviews with her arduous, obsessive rehearsals. With her pale flesh, her secret sweating, and her bloodless face, she suggests something octopoidal, as though having conquered most of her humanity in the process of rising to the top, but still fighting a guerrilla war with her own rebellious cells…

Ms Crowder has a knack for making decisions on the fly and strangling on self-doubt later. Clear instructions are not something to hope for.

(NEW LINK – 2012.06.09: old clip no longer available. Watch from 3:10-3:30)

It is, of course, PURE SPECULATION to imagine such a conversation between Jooolya and Tony Hodges…


  1. I’d even throw in a bit of Jodie Foster into the mix, but yes, that is an uncanny resemblance between the two women.

    • What’s Jodie Foster ever done to piss you off?

      • Nothing that I can think of at the moment, but give me some time and I will certainly think of something.

  2. “Seperated at birth”, good lord they look alike.

  3. Oh good lord.

    We might need some Gina Elise after that, to cleanse our palates.

  4. “The physical resemblance alone is disturbing”

    Good Lord..She’s a dead ranga..I mean..oh hell, never mind.

    • Karen Crowder gets taken away by the cops at the end of the movie. We can hope.
      (I was going to say that ‘Karen Crowder gets shafted by George Clooney’s character at the end of the movie’, but I wouldn’t wish that on George for all his smug lefty dumbness.)

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