Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 29, 2012

Is Joooolya channelling George?

Thanks to Spot the dog for passing along this very recent pic of Her J-ness.

The closed-fist gesture is new. Has Ranga Monsterarse been advised to show a little more aggression in her body language? It would make a change from the seagull with two broken wings routine, anyhow.

‘I mean business. Don’t piss me off. Don’t take me for a lightweight.’ (No chance of that, honey-tons.)

To put it really bluntly…


  1. Let’s see, new hair cut [yuk], closed jacket, [yuk] that looks like a dentist jacket, new communication guru, John McTernan, but still the same droning voice, no matter how much they try to train her, and the closed fists look like a child throwing a tantrum. No nothing has changed. It is still Juliar.

    Look forward to that photo you have found.

    • That jacket – what the HELL is going on there? It does look like something nicked from the dentist’s wardrobe.

  2. Came across this on ninemsm, never mind the story so much, just take a hard look at Julia, without all the makeup and er botox.

    • Damn forgot the link.

      • Ugh.
        How did that happen? Did her private fleet of Avon Ladies take the night off?
        Then again, if it was an Emily’s List function, the invite probably stipulated: no heels, no shaved legs, no make-up.

        • ……and she is sitting next to a lady, she “doesn’t”even know!

          • Tony Abbott arranged the seating!

            • Gregory in that photo, you may have noticed that Julia’s nose is quite red, have since seen other copies of that same photo and her nose has changed, it is no longer red, feel perhaps the nose itself may have been doctored.

            • I saw that red nose, and having studied Macbeth at school I was immediately reminded of the Porter’s comment.
              It’s all so 1930s Russia, isn’t it? Give them another day and they’ll have airbrushed Kim Sattler away entirely.

  3. Dentist tunic #FTW.

  4. Hawt.

    • Spot, with both those photos you have hit the jackpot. Well done.

      • =)

        • We ought to round up a few spares – the model with the extra long sleeves.
          Joking aside, the way this woman ruins everything that comes within her orbit without even trying, it’s a wonder to me that she’s not already a gibbering idiot.
          The only reason she gets out of bed in the morning is the fear that if she stayed there, a plane would fall on the house.

          • She’s a wrecker!
            /blame tony

          • Have always wanted to hear Bruce Wilson’s side of the story regarding those “bank accounts where the money was deposited from his union chats to owners/builders on those sites he visited”.

            Yes I know he was a con artist, but having now seen Julia in action feel there is a lot more to the story, then just a “naive woman in love”.

            • Kruddfuhrer always seemed the master handballer. Never on hand to deliver bad news, but always up on the podium with the good.
              Jooolya must be wondering when her turn comes to trumpet some good news. Squealing “Blame Tony Abbott!” a dozen times a day would be a massive drain on the self-respect.

    • P.S. spot, meant to also mention that video on Catallaxy Files open forum that you didn’t mean to embed……..[heh] it is good.

      • Hahaha – glad you liked it. I actually didn’t know that just pasting in a youtube URL would embed the actual video, but there ya go.

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