Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 28, 2012

Jar Stewart. Torque Strine!

It’s a common misconception that Australians speak a language known as English. The work of Professor Afferbeck Lauder is largely forgotten now, which is a terrible shame. More than any other explorer of the spoken word, we owe a great debt to Affebeck Lauder for his discovery of the uniquely Antipodean dialect Strine.

Many non-speakers are easily put off by Strine. This is a great pity! With a little patience, and imagination, the language is soon mastered. Here are a few common phrases, with their English equivalents.


Scona beer a gloria sty


It’s going to be a beautiful day


Love to

Less jar soap

Let’s just hope

Emma chissit

How much is it?

Nair doncher wurry

Now, don’t you worry

Ease dregs

Easter eggs

Snow ewe smite

It’s no use, mate

Bra sharp

Brush up. As in, ‘Bra sharp your Strine.’

Kannew ka minnear

Can you come in here?

Soym gwynn butter dinsim carmairt

I saw him go in, but I didn’t see him  come out

Carmen awards

Coming towards

I wonna go woam

I want to go home

Yuma sketcher rare cut

You must get your hair cut

Gnome or gnus

No more news.  As in, ‘Gnome or gnus, calm bear klyter.’

More phrases can be found here, but even with a basic vocabulary  the novice Strine speaker will now recognise the first part of this note’s title as a Nike advertisement.


  1. Neat! I’ve never heard of that before and although it’s probably nowhere close to Scots, that’s what reading it put me in mind of. It seems somewhat recognizable as English, but one might have to concentrate really closely and still not get it all.

  2. hmmm….these sound more noozillanderish or sethefrican ta me.

    • Sethefrican? Is your name Mel Brackstone or Phyllis Stein?

  3. I’d love to get my hands on a book we had at home about how to speak Strine…absolutely wonderful.

    • It’s been reprinted! The link on the prof’s name goes to the publisher’s page. Looks like they have combined the two books about Strine and the two books about Fraffly into one volume.

  4. Yes…That’s the other one we had.. Fraffly Well Spoken. Mum may still have them. I’ll have to look for that one when I ead north again.

  5. Off topic, but this picture of our Dear Bogan Leader is begging for a caption:×0.jpg

    • Comes from a story in the SMH titled “How I’ll Slay Abbott.”
      Relying on her government’s economic credentials? She’d be better off sprinkling pixie dust on our cornflakes.

  6. It’s hot in Perth, but it’s bearable if you have an egg nisher.

    • Yeppet eye doanavenegg nishner.

  7. What English sounds like to non-English speakers:

    • Talk about lost in translation…

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