Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 26, 2012

The Australia Day Double. (Links changed for OS viewers)

It wouldn’t be a real Australia Day without Uncle Sam – that’s OUR Uncle Sam…

First the entree

and now the main course

My original link for the music clip was restricted to Australian viewers only. Which, I have to say, is PRETTY BLOODY UN-AUSTRALIAN!!!

And, for those keen to know more about Australian culture, a treasure out of the archives.

From the distant year of 1972:


PS: Mags presents the most tempting tourist video I’ve ever seen. Scroll down.


  1. Hi,
    Happy Australia Day.

    I have always enjoyed our Lamb ads every year, Uncle Sam does do a great job, but I must say I didn’t think much of the ad this year, it’s the only ad I haven’t liked from him.

    Loved the elephant video that was hilarious. 😀

    • I’ve added the lead in clip Sam did for the song, mags. More in his traditional style.
      A lot of the old Aunty Jack material has shown up on youtube. There’s another piece called University for Bus Drivers.

      And Happy Australia Day to you too! I won’t be celebrating with a barbie, even of the Melissa Tkautz variety. I’ve chosen to mark the day with another of our great national pastimes: mowing the lawn.

      It’s 40 out there, but it’s going to be 40 out there for the forseeable future. And the fence is disappearing behind the weeds.

      • Thanks for the pingback.
        I gather you know what happened to Julia and Tony today?
        As soon as I saw the photo of Julia, I thought of you and what you were going to do with it. 😆

        • I saw Tim Blair’s piece. I’ve had a look at a couple of other reports.
          Funnily enough I was going to add a para on the tent embassy to my bit earlier in the week. From what I can gather Tony Abbott said what I had in mind but rather more tactfully.
          We’ll see where it goes from here, I suppose.

  2. First off, Happy Australia Day. Itching with curiosity as to what “happened” to Julia, oh AND Tony.

    Next up, view vids..

    • This item tells the story pretty well.
      I haven’t heard anyone yet describe the protesters involved as ‘outliers’. It’s only a matter of time… but there’s little sympathy for them.

      • Seems your abo’s are using the lefty dem tactic about ‘racial code words’..

        Racial Code Words in The GOP Are A Lie (Updated!)
        I think this is important to address because this is a lie that the Democrats are more than happy to spread. Usually I ignore Sheila Jackson Lee because she sees all things through the lens of race. A sad way to go through life, I think. But here she is on the floor of the house suggesting that Newt Gingrich is using “code” words when calling Pres. Obama “The food stamp President.” She imagines that he was referring to blacks. Never mind that there are more whites are on food stamps. It’s clear that Pres. Obama IS the food stamp President. However, don’t be concerned, it only gets worse. <—-Thatsa' Joke, Son, a Joke. As Foghorn Leghorn said it..

        • I don’t know if ‘racist’ and ‘invader’ count as code words. I think they’re just the words some people grab for because thinking of a better reply would require, well, thinking.
          There was one occasion when a Nyoonga male called me a fucking white cunt because I didn’t have a cigarette for him. He threatened to break my neck but he was so drunk he could barely stay upright in the seat once the bus started to move.
          Maybe he was using code words. ‘Fucking white cunt’ = ‘member of the dominant race whose culture and civilisation offered my people a chance to progress beyond the primitive existence that the rest of the world had left behind a few tens of thousands of years ago.’ Yes, that makes sense.

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