Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 22, 2012

We’re Occupiers because, well, like, it’s OUR turn to protest, see?

A good piece by Paul Toohey in The Punch.

Something dawned on me speaking to this group. Political protest is merely the thread that holds them together. It’s about lifestyle.

They missed the chance to turn on, tune in and drop out in the 1960s… The turnouts at the various Occupy sites gave them an instant society, an on-the-spot family who would look out for each other.

Today we call them ‘Occupiers’. Once upon a time they were ‘drifters’.



  1. Should have put that ring through the upper lip, too.

    • She’s got a bolt through the top of her nose. It holds her brain in place when she sneezes.

  2. LMAO. She needs another bolt so she doesn’t reproduce.

  3. Look Gregory a new photo, courtesy of Tim’s blog on Abbott [everything is his fault] by one of the posters.

    • “It doesn’t affect her job but she does look more modern and appears on top of things it helps her credibility.”

      Is Joh Bailey a hairdresser or a used car salesman?

      • Good question Gregory, and it is not even a good haircut, it is lopsided.

        • Btw Merilyn, I found another Jooolyapic today.
          This time, the idea is already fermenting…

  4. I’ve never met a hippy I liked.
    Awful bloody people. Typically, they are middle class spoilt children.

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