Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 5, 2011

The Ride of the Valkyrs, by John Charles Dollman.

Courtesy of Dark Classics – the original hangs in the Art Gallery of WA. I was reminded of it when I was outside surveying the mighty cloudbanks that are swarming all over the sky tonight. Fingers crossed for some decent rain out of them.

Unbelievable, but I couldn’t find a colour reproduction of the work. You’ll just have to use your imaginations.

Here’s a little help. The eyes of the horses are lit up just like this.


    Just for a change the clouds actually delivered some rain. Thunderstorms knocked the power out in my street too for about six hours.
    Maybe I should invoke the stormy ladies more often.

  2. By George, you are the reincarnate of the Aztec Rain God Tlaloc

    Sorry, but could not find the Aztec No Power God..

    • Very flattering!
      And the monochrome image was entirely appropriate after all. The skies were grey nearly all day. 25mm of rain in the gauge since 9am – an inch, in the old language, and you can add another 5-8 mm for the 12 hours preceding that.
      Traffic at the airport was almost nonexistent. Lightning was coming down wherever we looked – we think one bolt hit the roof of the warehouse.

  3. You mention “the Art gallery of WA”.

    I assume that’s a reference to the Art gallery of Western Australia. However, if you type “Dollman” into the art Gallery of WA’s website query box, you draw a blank.

    Can you please clarify, I’m eager to discover where Dollman’s Valkyrie painting hangs.

    • I know your problem. I went the same route hoping I could attribute the picture directly to AGWA, but as you say it isn’t in their listing.
      But I do recall it hanging prominently in the Old Court House part of the gallery for some years.
      When I visited last year it was not in its usual place. This could mean it was taken down for maintenance or simply to give the space to another work. It’s not a particularly large gallery and they have more exhibits than they can display.
      Your best chance for information would be to email the gallery directly. If you learn anything there please leave another comment!
      Thanks for visiting.

  4. Thank you.

    I’ll try the gallery and let you know the outcome.

    Out of interest, Wagner’s greatest biographer Ernest Newman – perhaps also the finest of musical critics, not least because of his humanity and wit – considered

    “this powerful conception … embodies much of the spirit which Wagner has infused into [Act II of Die Walkure]”

  5. I contacted the Art Gallery of WA for confirmation regarding Dollman’s painting, and received this prompt affirmative reply from Sue Sauer, Registration Assistant:

    “I am able to confirm that the Art Gallery of WA does own the above painting.

    It is 111.8 x 182.9 cm and is oil on canvas.
    We do not have a colour image available – only black and white.

    I am unsure when it will be on display again – that is up to the curatorial department and depends on scheduling of exhibitions.”

    Thank you for identifying the location of this arresting painting – well-known in black-and-white reproduction, but never to my knowledge attributed to an gallery location.

    • Thanks for passing that along. I’m pleased you were answered so promptly, but then this piece has been getting regular views since I posted it… maybe Sue’s been keeping tabs.

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