Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 3, 2011

Pinup princess exhibits hand talent.

What would the Australian version be? Suggestions are invited. Here’s mine.


  1. You never see this sort of thing in the UK. We are banned from being patriotic in case we offend the immigrants. I kid you not.

    • Australians have long been inclined to snigger behind our backs at American displays of patriotism, but that’s changing. We’re more relaxed now about admitting (and sometimes even celebrating) our achievements.
      Some politically correct morons have tried to eliminate all traces of Christmas here for fear of offending Muslims. It put their noses badly out of joint when some Muslims said publicly that they welcomed Christmas and its fundamental message.

  2. I think the muslims over here wouldn’t object either. It’s people who do not live on planet Earth that make policy.

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